the artist

Polly was born in Brighton to academic parents;
however, with uncles and aunts as artistically diverse
as Jeff Nuttall, Rita and Ernie Donagh it is no surprise
that Polly’s ambitions would be as an artist.

Her initial interests were in sculpture and printmaking,
but following her BA studies at Winchester School of
Art she has doggedly pursued painting, maintaining
various studios in both Oxford and London, and
exhibiting widely.

She studied for her MA at Central St Martin’s School of
Art, where her distinctive monochromatic style matured
in a sequence of large yellow architectural studies.

Polly’s apparently straightforward figurative subjects
suggest the more profound influences that underpin
our so-called ‘ordinary’ lives. Meaning is very much for
us to interpret for our own situations: portraits of empty
blue chairs let us conjure our own ghosts and still lives
of flowers imagine our own peace.

Polly’s more recent portraits are encounters with
subjects who are the viewers equals, not reverential
paintings of an elite nor genre paintings of marginalised
groups. They are preoccupied with what unites us.

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